The Volvo’s Polestar 2 EV, Refreshed for Greater Sustainability

By: | May 2nd, 2022

Image Credit: Polestar

Polestar 2, the first mass-produced model of Volvo’s premium EV brand, has received an upgrade that makes it more sustainable, eco-friendly, better performing, and eventually more competitive in the market. Polestar 2 was originally released in March 2020, so this refresh comes at the two-year mark.

Starting with sustainability, the CO2 footprint of Polestar’s production has been reduced by sourcing aluminum for parts of the car like the wheels or the battery casing from smelting plants that use renewable energy sources for their production. Volvo claims the combined benefits are measured as 1,350 kg less CO2 emitted per car produced.

On the performance side, which is an important consideration for EV buyers, Polestar has upgraded the battery capacity from 64kWh to 69kWh, which translates to a range bump of 20 miles (32 km), taking the total range to 295 miles (474 km) now. The charging speed has also been improved, reaching 130 kW DC using a “fast charging” protocol. These changes apply to the standard range, single motor version, which currently sells for €35,930 ($37,700).

For the higher-end trims like the dual-motor €41,900 ($49,900) Polestar 2, Volvo is rolling out a performance software upgrade for €1,000, first in Europe and then in the US and Canada. This upgrade takes the maximum power output from 300 kW to 350 kW and the torque from 660 Nm to 680 Nm.

Finally, on the aesthetics side, the model’s Nordic look is being refreshed with two new exterior color choices (Space and Jupiter), new 19″ and 20″ wheel designs, a removable sunshade for the glass roof, and a new color for the leather upholstery.

All in all, Volvo has given Polestar 2 a new breath of freshness, hoping to generate more buyer interest and finally take the model out of Tesla’s shadow. Performance and sustainability are both important in the EV market, and the 2022 update concerns all the key points to strike consumer chords.

Bill Toulas

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