The Next-Gen Bandage is Here!

By: | May 7th, 2021

Image by ElasticComputeFarm from Pixabay

Gone are the days where you feel that your bandage is not only unsightly, but you have difficulty in determining how tight it needs to be to serve its purpose.

The next generation is smart wearable medical tech has arrived!

The New Type of Bandage

This new bandage is a huge technological advancement in the field of medicine and healing. It is made from a flexible material that measures 3cm x 6cm. The aim thereof is to apply the required amount of pressure needed for a particular wound to heal. This is done by maintaining the wound at an optimum temperature.

The readings from the bandage are then sent to the general practitioner or health care provider in the form of an app.

What Else Can This Bandage Do?

This bandage comes with a range of other capabilities, that include being able to monitor breathing and has the potential of being able to identify the symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus.

Faster Healing Time

The combination of pressure and temperature in a medical device is seldomly paired to generate a suitable healing solution. With this collaboration, this bandage is able to speed up the healing process much quicker than average.

It has the capability of providing skin alternatives to wounds that take a lengthy time to heal, and it is intelligent enough to know when to apply negative-pressure therapy that keeps the wound moist and improves blood flow to the injury.

How Does it Work?

The bandage works by means of an NFC tag, and two different types of sensors. The first sensor is able to monitor patient temperature, while the other sensor determines the correct amount of pressure to apply to the wound.

Recent studies have shown that the optimal healing temperature for wounds ranges between 36-38 degrees Celsius. What is fantastic about this device is that anyone can use it, and it will go a long way in protecting our medical frontline workers and those that need it the most!

For more exciting news about this smart bandage, watch the video below:


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