The Latest Technologies That Make Moving Long Distance Hassle-Free

By: | March 2nd, 2023

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

From the complicated planning stages to the laborious packing and transport, long-distance moves can be overwhelming. In today’s digital age, however, there are a variety of tools and technologies to help make planning, researching, tracking, and settling in smoother and more efficient. Here are a few of the most innovative technologies making moving downloadable checklists long distance a breeze.

1.  Online Moving Cost Calculators

Before online technologies, it could take days or weeks to call around and get quotes from different moving companies. Now, with online moving cost calculators, you can easily estimate the cost of your move in minutes. 

Simply enter some basic information about the items you will be transporting and the distance of your move, and the calculator will provide an accurate estimate for your long-distance move. Free online cost calculators can also include the price of additional fees and services related to:

  • packing
  • unpacking
  • furniture assembly
  • temporary storage
  • moving obstacles
  • insurance
  • specialty object moving
  • junk removal

With the ability to get a comprehensive, accurate quote quickly, you can focus more time on other essential moving tasks and ease the stress of cost uncertainty.

2.  GPS Tracking

Long-distance moves can take days or weeks to complete depending on your origin and destination. With GPS tracking, staying updated on the status of your move is a breeze.  Many long distance moving companies now offer GPS tracking for their customers so they can see in real-time when their items have been picked up, are en route to their new home, or have arrived safely.

According to Harrison Gough, director of cross-country moving at, “We’ve noticed an uptick in reservations for moving companies with GPS tracking capabilities (visit here for a popular example). People like to know where their items are at all times so they can coordinate their moving schedule to make sure everything is ready for arrival. This technology helps put their minds at ease in the process of a long-distance move.”

GPS tracking is a standard feature on mobile apps put out by the best movers from around the country. These apps can be downloaded on multiple devices and offer a host of other digital control features that make moving a breeze.

3.  Digital Inventory Control

Moving tips from the experts often include choosing companies with digital inventory control systems. When moving companies have this technology, customers can log in to an online dashboard and view their items in detail like they are on a checklist – including quantity, size, and weight. This helps ensure that all of your belongings arrive at the new home intact and nothing gets left behind or lost along the way.

Digital inventory control systems also have advanced tracking capabilities that help keep items organized and on schedule, saving time during a long-distance move. Furthermore, these barcoded systems are great for ensuring all of your items make it off of a shared moving truck – and no one else’s items end up in your new home.

4.  Virtual Quotes

Inviting someone into your home to verify the contents you want to move is often a necessary part of the long-distance moving process. But this step is often inconvenient or disruptive to hectic schedules. Thankfully, with virtual quote technology, you can now get a free quote in minutes without anyone ever needing to enter your home.

Using high-resolution photos and videos, virtual quotes allow you to walk a virtual representative through your home and show them all of the items you want to move. This eliminates the need for someone to come and measure your items in person, assess the value of your possessions, and discuss moving services with you.

Unlike online moving quotes, virtual quotes from reliable long distance moving companies often come with binding estimates that won’t change on the day of your move. This can help you budget more confidently and avoid any unpleasant surprises when it comes time to pay for your long-distance relocation.

5.  Electronic Storage & Digitalization

Not all long-distance moving tech is designed to facilitate a hassle-free residential move. Small businesses and large enterprises relocating far away can also take advantage of tech in the moving industry for a seamless transition into a new workspace.

For example, electronic storage and digitalization are two features businesses can take advantage of when moving documents and other confidential data. Electronic storage allows companies to store their records in secure off-site locations for safekeeping during the journey – an excellent solution for accounting firms, hospitals, and other organizations with large volumes of confidential data.

Digitalization is another popular service for businesses that need to save time and energy during their long-distance move. This process involves scanning, organizing, and securely transferring documents into digital files that reduce clutter and make it easier to store, manage, and access information from anywhere in the world while the office is being relocated.

6.  Climate Control

The hallmark of secure moving companies is the use of transport technologies that keep possessions free from environmental damage. Climate control is one such technology that involves keeping delicate items like pianos, artwork, and antiques safe from extreme temperatures and humidity levels during the move.

Climate-controlled vehicles come equipped with air conditioning and heating systems to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the journey, as well as other features that help prevent moisture damage and protect sensitive items. With climate-control technology, you can rest assured your valuable possessions will be shielded from extreme weather conditions and delivered to their new home in the same condition as when they left.

Keep Your Move Stress-Free & On-Schedule

Long-distance moving technologies are rapidly changing the way people and businesses relocate. From barcoded systems to virtual quotes, climate-control technology, and more, the best movers are now utilizing cutting-edge technologies that make it easier than ever for customers to relocate far away without stress or disruption.

By taking advantage of these new moving services, you can ensure your long-distance move is as efficient, cost-effective, and stress-free as possible. So reach out to your preferred moving company today to learn more about the technologies they offer and get started on your long-distance relocation.


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