The latest innovations in home technology

By: | February 26th, 2021

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Houses are no longer simple structures that provide you shelter against the elements. Today, the wealthier sections of the society tend to create massive buildings with incredible facilities no one ever imagined would be part of a home. 

Not everyone has an enormous income that lets them turn their house into the mansion of their dreams. But, technology has certainly helped make both subtle and obvious changes that really improved the quality of living. Today, homes are more intuitive with smart technology and can quickly respond to the residents’ needs. Hundreds of gadgets are released each year and they immediately become an invaluable part of every household. It is time to dive deep into the world of home innovation technologies. 

Hydrofloor pools

Having a swimming pool in your backyard must have always been a dream of yours. But, one thing that held you back from constructing a pool is the lack of space. If you dig out a massive hole in your backyard, you will lose lots of space that could have been used for a family gathering or an evening of activities with your kids. 

With the help of hydrofloor pools, you can have the best of both worlds. These pools will have a buoyant bottom layer that can be pulled up to the top to cover the pool when required. This layer is built with extremely strong steel beams, making them hold strong even when a group of people are dancing on top. Essentially, with the help of a hydrofloor you can cover up your pool and turn it into space you could walk and dance on, or even park your car. If you get in touch with a Hydrofloor pool company before you construct a swimming pool, you can figure out the right dimensions and install the beams as you construct the pool. 

Video doorbells

Once you have reinforced the safety of your home with a fantastic locksmith in Medford Oregon, you might still feel concerned about the security of your home. Technology is here to help you in this case too. Video doorbells have been gaining lots of popularity in recent years and could be considered an advanced version of the old intercom systems. 

Video doorbells are easy-to-install and affordable gadgets that can be placed next to your front door. They are relatively small and would not look like a giant eyesore at the front wall of your house. Essentially, with the help of a video doorbell, you can communicate with whoever is at your door without opening the door. If you are inside your home and you want the delivery person to leave your package at the doorsteps, you can tell them to do so with the device’s app. Alternatively, if you are in an entirely different state and someone has just rung the doorbell, you can provide them with information or instructions. The best video doorbells available on the market today provide motion detection facilities which you can customize to only detect humans and not cars or pets. This means eliminating the headache of getting out of your bed every time your system detects a stray cat that ran across your yard. 

Smart glass

The time has come for curtains to take a step back. Smart glass can completely transform the way you interact with your windows and the outside world. With just a flick of a switch, you can turn your clear glass panes into frosted ones. This means instant privacy. Most smart glasses today lets you choose between transparent, translucent and opaque options, enabling you to control the strength and amount of light that enters through certain windows. These active smart glasses work with the help of an electric charge that changes their properties and appearance. While traditionally, smart glass has been used in offices and hotels to shield specific rooms or conference areas, this can easily become an incredibly useful part of your home. With the help of smart glass, you can effortlessly regulate the temperature within the home, and this can save you many bucks on your energy costs. Controlling of the various harmful rays that enter your home will also ensure better health for the residents and maintain the quality of various objects lying around. 

Wall TV

Home-based entertainment facilities have seen a rise in demand during the pandemic. Movie theatres are no longer safe, and to enjoy an evening outside with your close family members, you will have to put on protective equipment that will safeguard you against the virus. A great alternative to this option is to update the entertainment gear present within your home. Wall TVs, like the name suggests, are incredibly huge and can cover up almost an entire wall. Basically, you will have a sort of movie theatre right in your living room. These Wall TVs can be customized to whichever size you desire, and with a few bowls of popcorn and a streaming service, you are all set for the weekend. 

Robot Alarm

This might seem like a silly innovation, but it can be extremely helpful for those who struggle to get up every morning. Having an annoying alarm simply doesn’t do the trick anymore. It is easy to hit snooze and turn to the other side of your pillow. But, a robot alarm will make sure that you get up from the bed as soon as it starts ringing in the morning. This clever little alarm can move on its own and will sneak into some corner of your house and hide when it starts blaring. You can no longer extend your arm to switch it off and go back to sleep. To turn off this robotic alarm, you will have to get up from your bed and go on a short treasure hunt to find the device. By this time, you will be pretty alert and feel less motivated to climb back into your bed. 

Smart beds

That’s right, it’s not just your heating and entertainment devices that can be made smart in 2021. A smart bed might just be what you need to improve your sleep schedules and have you wake up fully energized. These beds are fitted with sensors that analyze your sleep behavior and patterns. By using these analyses, the bed will transform itself to give you a better sleep experience every night. Many smart beds can also be connected to your smartphone so you can better understand the way you sleep and improve it with changes from your side. Smart beds also come with temperature controls and position controls, which means a person can adjust one side of the bed without annoying the person sleeping on the other. 

Refrigerated Wall Oven

The thought of not having to be home to cook your food might sound totally incredible. But certain apps have already come up with ovens that you can control. These ovens double as refrigerators, which means that you can keep your food cool in the oven during the day time. Right before you leave work in the evening, you can use the app to easily heat up the food right in the same oven. This means you no longer have to come home hungry and sit there either waiting for your food to get delivered or spend extra time preparing your dinner. App-controlled ovens are a dream come true for anyone who is always in a hurry. 

Smart Refrigerators

By using a smart refrigerator, you can avoid the common issues of running out of ingredients or buying too many items. The fridge has built-in cameras that let you view what’s inside, no matter where you are. So if you go on an impromptu shopping trip but can’t remember exactly what you need to buy, you can get a quick peek inside your refrigerator. Besides creating shopping lists, the refrigerator also helps you create meal plans that utilize what you’ve already got within the device. Even better, you can access many apps such as grocery and food delivery apps right from the refrigerator.  

Steam washers

That’s right, washing machines too are part of the technological revolutions that take place on household devices. Conventional washing machines, obviously, used water to clean the garments inside. The newer washing machines that make use of steam in the cleaning process can deliver you much cleaner clothes free of germs, dust and dirt. Steam particles are quicker than those of water, enabling them to enter between the threads and better get rid of unwanted substances. Steam washers can also help effectively eliminate any smells that refuse to go away. 

Smart faucets

Water conservation and sanitization became big concerns during the 2020 pandemic when everybody had to wash their hands multiple times a day to ensure safety. Not everyone turns off the taps when they spread the soap around their hands, and this leads to large amounts of water regularly going down the drain. 

Smart faucets can be turned on with just a touch or via a motion. This eliminates the need to touch unnecessary surfaces before you have sanitized your hands. Today, smart faucets are even more advanced and can be controlled by vocal commands. You can speak directly to your home assistant to turn on the faucet and dispense an exact amount of water. Voice-controlled smart faucets will soon become an integral feature of all smart homes. 

Desk lights with AI

You might wonder, why would a desk light require an AI? All they’ve got to do is turn on and off when required. But, we are talking about innovations in home technology, and it would not be fair to ignore the advancements made in the case of desk lights. 

These desk lights use sensors and cameras to analyze the environment and choose the intensity of the light required. The light will analyze the activity you are engaged in and provide you with suitable illumination. It also has provisions to alert you if you have been spending a little too long on a particular device and should take a break. AI lights can be incredibly helpful in improving the way you engage in certain tasks and increase your efficiency. 

Smart wardrobe

Smart wardrobes might seem like something out of a teen movie. But, anyone who has encountered the frustrations associated with picking an outfit each day will realize how incredibly helpful a smart wardrobe can be. 

Some smart wardrobes can clean and fold your clothes at the command of your voice. They do this with the help of tanks already built into the wardrobe. These wardrobes have an array of functions, each dedicated to a specific aspect of maintaining your clothes. While some of these functions ensure that your clothes remain wrinkle-free, others help with dehumidifying and drying them. 

Other smart wardrobes will come with screens that display various outfits and outfit combinations. Rather than you pulling each outfit and asking yourself how you feel about it, you can easily swipe through all your choices and put together new outfits that you have never worn before. These smart wardrobes also have special features that display the weather and temperature so you can dress accordingly and not get concerned with a fashion emergency later on in the day. These wardrobes can even be connected to an app so that you will receive insights regarding the clothes you wear the most and the clothes you always ignore. A smart wardrobe will certainly make it easier for you to dress quicker and better in the mornings. 

There are lots of areas of improvement in the field of intelligent wardrobes that can help you out. But we can hope that many more brands will soon make smart wardrobes an integral part of their furniture section. 

Wrapping up

Smart home assistants like Amazon’s Echo have already become a prominent part of many households around the world. Residents have discovered the numerous conveniences associated with having an AI assistant that can help with a variety of tasks. But, there are many more gadgets awaiting someone who looks forward to transforming their home with the latest technologies. Everything from your wardrobe to your sink will soon become part of a cohesive smart structure that make up your entire home. 


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