The Ghost Immobiliser: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore This Powerful Piece of Tech

By: | June 5th, 2024

Vehicle security is advancing constantly in the effort to beat the thieves and the latest innovation is the Ghost Immobiliser. It has been produced by South African company Autowatch, who have rapidly marked out their territory as the world leader in the supply of aftermarket vehicle security.

One of their flagship products, rapidly gaining traction as the most user-friendly, secure, and effective CAN-Bus immobilizer available, is the Ghost Immobiliser. This world-leading product provides the ultimate protection for your vehicle from key cloning, theft, and signal hacking. 

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t overlook the most powerful and effective piece of tech ever to come onto the market. For comprehensive information on whether a Ghost Immobiliser is for you consider contacting one of the nation’s main specialist suppliers of high-quality auto security products.

The Ghost Immobiliser’s USP

As the name would suggest it is the stealth-like properties that make it undetectable to a thief and here’s why. The Ghost Immobiliser has no LED indications, radio signals, or key fobs to betray its location. Instead, it utilizes buttons on the steering wheel, center console, or door panel and these are what enable you to set a pin code sequence – which could be up to 20 characters long, the choice is yours – which is unique to you. And by the way, this code can be changed by you at any time. The pin code sequence must be entered before the car can be driven and without the code, the engine will not start. This means that the only way a thief could steal your vehicle would be by towing it away, but without your unique code, they still wouldn’t be able to start the engine.

Another advantage of the Ghost Immobiliser, which is fully compatible with all major makes of car with the CANBus to ECU communication system, is that it can be removed and placed onto another vehicle should you sell your car.

What if you forget the pin

It is natural with all the multiple pin codes and passwords that we are required to remember that you may worry about forgetting the unique pin code for your Ghost Immobiliser. Don’t worry; at the time of installation the engineer will provide you with an Emergency Pin Code Override card which works like a scratchcard – simply scratch and follow the instructions.

If you prefer not to have to memorize a pin code there is the option of using an override driver fob instead. You keep this with you at all times and it works through detection by the Ghost system which then allows you to start the engine.

With these two options, you need never worry about getting stranded. In addition, if your vehicle is being serviced you’ll be given a designated code, or you can set it to ‘service’ mode to continue protecting your vehicle whilst in the workshop.

The important thing is that you will have peace of mind in knowing that your personal pin code is never compromised.

How good is the Ghost Immobiliser?

It is the highly advanced technology that makes the Ghost Immobiliser the market leader in vehicle security. With its undetectable positioning, communication with the CANBus to ECU tech and unique pin code entry, the manufacturers have consistently stayed one step ahead of the most determined vehicle thieves by preventing them from being able to bypass the system with a new key or new ECU as they would with most other immobilizer systems.

In fact, so advanced is the technology that in order to maximize the Ghost’s features it should always be fitted by a professional installer.


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