The Five Best Registry Cleaners

By: | March 4th, 2021

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Whether it is work or play, most people these days rely on their computer every single day. This constant use means that from time to time, some maintenance is necessary to keep everything in working order. A lot of people wait too long to use a registry cleaner, but it can help keep a computer working in great shape.

A simple search online will yield numerous results for registry cleaners, but are they all created equally? As of right now, these are the best registry cleaners out on the market. They provide the best value and give people plenty of useful tools.

iolo System Mechanic

We believe one of the best overall registry cleaners is found in our optimization software System Mechanic. Independent reviewers have established System Mechanic as among the best cleaning and optimization solutions on the market, including PC Magazine, which has given iolo their Editors’ Choice award eight times.

What makes it great?

The top reason why iolo System Mechanic ranks highly all the time is that there is not a PC tune-up utility that helps in so many ways. It can do anything from cleaning up clutter on a hard drive, repairing the registry, properly defragging a drive, and optimizing the entire user experience. It is a full suite of options at one low price, instead of only being a registry cleaner.

It also does not take a computer wizard to use System Mechanic properly. Everything is set up for learning about improving a computer and why certain changes feel necessary. As an example, when running the registry cleaner, a user will get an opportunity to look at files that are set for deletion and make final decisions. A few files here and there might not seem like a big deal, but the computer starts to accumulate hundreds if not thousands in a short amount of time.

The effectiveness of the utility is one of the best in the business, as iolo System Mechanic increases start-up time by close to 90% while increasing download speed by around 40%. People will notice enhancements across the board with their computer, bringing it back to a speed a user has not seen in quite some time.

What makes people hesitate?

System Mechanic is made for Windows only, so Mac users are out of luck. Still, Windows is generally more prone to errors over time with every day, normal use, making it the focus of more optimization solutions.

System Mechanic retails for $49.95, although there are discounts available all the time to lower the price by as much as 70%.

Final verdict

The saying that you get what you pay for is certainly true with registry cleaners. While there are plenty of free options out there, they all leave people wanting more at the end of the day. It can be very frustrating to download a free utility, only to find out that upgrades are necessary to truly see results. It might just be better off starting from the beginning with the most trusted name in the industry right now. iolo System Mechanic takes the top prize in the eyes of many.


CCleaner has been a solution for many who have issues with their Windows or MacOS computer. They have been able to bring a lot of people in with their premium licensing option, which allows people to mess around with a few solutions and see what works best for them.

It has always ranked as an excellent option for those who may not know a lot about computers, as it takes care of the basics while offering a decent amount of tools. Does it still stand up well against the top registry cleaners on the market.

What makes it great?

It is an easy option for people to use to get their registry cleaned up and in perfect order. The initial scan is above average compared to competitors from an effectiveness standpoint. They continue to add some valuable tools to make it more enticing. Avast continues to pour a ton of money into making sure that it remains competitive with all of the other registry cleaners.

The company is one of the only to offer a solution for Windows and Mac users, which makes a huge difference when making recommendations to others. With limited choices using the Mac operating system, they get a big boost in subscribers.

The setup of CCleaner is a bit outdated, but most people should have no problem navigating. They try to make it as user-friendly as possible, and it works for people who do not necessarily know much about computers. A lot of what CCleaner accomplishes happens automatically, which is the preferred method for some. Not everyone cares about every little detail that goes into cleaning the registry. For some, they just want the job done and their computer back to perfect working order as quickly as possible.

What makes people hesitate?

The downloading process is initially straightforward, but there are some tricky aspects to it after the fact. The easy part is getting the main CCleaner utility downloaded and ready to go. It gets a little tough for some people when they are using some of the other tools.

There is a freeware option, which is where a lot of people start. However, many will begin to realize that a lot of features are behind a paywall. To make it even more difficult to understand, the different tools for CCleaner are a bit scattered compared to other setups. It can be frustrating for people to find specific features that can help them out.

CCleaner is also one of those options that a user has to pay for on every single computer. The freeware is available for home users only, but families that make a full purchase will need to do it over and over again if other computers have problems. All of a sudden, a reasonably affordable option becomes expensive.

Final verdict

Despite a few flaws here and there, CCleaner is still a very practical option for a reason. People find it pretty easy to use, it is available on any operating system, and it performs at a pretty high level. Where it ultimately comes up short when compared to iolo System Mechanic is that there are not quite as many tools available at no additional cost, and the licensing issues are a bit of a hassle.

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is one of the best free options for Windows users at this moment. It can take care of scheduled cleanings, perform program updates, and help out in many other ways so that a computer feels as good as new. It does a great job of handling problems to a certain degree, but it falls slightly short for others.

What makes it great?

Speed seems to be what drives people to Wise Registry Cleaner from the very beginning. They do an extremely efficient job of cleaning the registry, and a user can put together automatic scans later on as well. It is very easy to control, and it is lightweight enough that people barely know that it is there.

Another huge positive is that a user can pick the type of registry scan level they want to implement. For the quickest solution, a fast scan makes the most sense. Going with a deep scan or even a custom scan takes a little longer, but it does a great job for a free option.

People should not expect too many bonus features for a free registry cleaner, but they do offer automatic backup that helps out as well. It is one of the better free options out there, and the file size itself is extremely small.

What makes people hesitate?

This utility feels somewhat limited the entire time a person uses it on their slowed down computer. It does a few things well, but it does attempt to download other programs automatically on a computer. Nobody wants to have to deal with this, and it is one of the main reasons why people shy away.

Free sounds great, but the premium version is probably what a user truly wants. It has a few more features, works faster, and it is just better in every aspect. It is another one of those registry cleaners that try to hook people in with a limited free option, only to charge later on.

Final verdict

The free version is one of the best registry cleaners a user can find without having to spend a dime. However, if it were complicated issues, it makes sense to spend a little bit of money. The premium version is not nearly as great a value, and most people will end up jumping to something else once they try things out.

Advanced SystemCare

Whether it is junk files, malware, viruses, or anything else that is potentially hazardous, it is essential to clean up the registry as quickly and efficiently as possible. Free options are what a lot of people turn to first, as they can get a feel for how exactly everything works. Advanced SystemCare is one of the better free options for people who want simplicity and getting a computer back to life.

What makes it great?

Using Advanced SystemCare is very simple and easy. It is one simple download, and it provides all of the detailed information most people are looking for. It is capable of repairing many different issues as both a free version and the premium option. From a free perspective, it offers more features than most.

Once the program is downloaded, the software can diagnose any problems and help out Window-based computers. It is 100% safe and reviewed by Microsoft Security to give people extra peace of mind.

Companies focus quite a bit on making everything as usual friendly as possible, which is always a positive when using a registry cleaner. There is nothing worse than being overwhelmed by features, as it can make a person feel uncomfortable. Having automatic backups available also helps significantly.

What makes people hesitate?

When a user invests in the premium option, they will see that they do offer quite a few features. However, a lot of the features are for very niche situations, and some people will never find a use for them. It might seem like an excellent option to have, but so many tools can start to take up space on a personal computer. It would be nice to pick and choose which tools or download it, but that might be too much of a challenge.

Final verdict

Restoral has a free to download option, but most people end up spending $29.95 per year. The initial scan of the system is free, and it gives people a pretty good idea on just how many fixes they can expect. Free versions of registry cleaners do not get much easier to use than Advanced SystemCare. It is worth giving a try to see if it is enough to get the job done. For a paid version, iolo System Mechanic provides more value, but this is a decent alternative.

Registry Repair

Computers need a variety of tune-ups throughout their lifespan. Depending on what problems and individual spacing, different tools can address other issues. For people who might not have any idea on what exactly is slowing the computer down, one of the most highly-rated software options is Registry Repair.

In a short amount of time, a user can improve their computer’s performance, and it is done so by addressing several issues. Whether it is getting rid of junk files forever or adjusting CPU or RAM usage, seemingly minor changes can make a big difference. 

Despite great reviews, Registry Repair does not quite make the top of the list. Is it still worth giving a try? This is a complete look at what shoppers should expect before purchasing.

What makes it great?

Anyone using the Windows 10 operating system will have the most amount of tools available to them. Those who know a lot about computers can pick specific cleanup tools that make sense for them. Others who want to have everything automated can click once for a tune-up that works.

The set up of Registry Repair is straight and to the point. There are a lot of people who love that about it, as it provides results without much else getting in the way. It is surprisingly intelligent from the very first scan, checking for additional issues all the time.

A nice bonus feature is that there are backup and restore capabilities included with Registry Repair. All in all, it is a very valuable tool to try out for those who have never given things like this a try before.

What makes people hesitate?

If this registry cleaner looks a bit out of date, that is because the design is pretty basic. Some people do not mind this, but it can be a little distracting. It’s also one of those options that do not offer much else that could be beneficial for users. A free registry cleaner is nice, but additional features can help a computer stay efficient.

Final verdict

It is another worthy competitor to iolo System Mechanic, but most people are going to love the additional features for a little bit more money. This is about as bare-bones as a user can find, even if the scans are pretty useful. It is always worth giving a free version to try in some aspects, as people might not know what registry cleaners are capable of doing. What many find out is that the limited features of Registry Repair can’t stack up with what System Mechanic brings to the table.

Why iolo System Mechanic is the only way to go

With pricing pretty much the same for many options, it makes the most sense to go with iolo System Mechanic as the first choice. Not only does it provide the best chances of getting a fix that sticks, but there are plenty of tools readily available to help fight against further issues.

All it takes is for one other computer in the household to suffer from slowdowns or a hard time booting up to make the investment even more worth it. With unlimited licenses, there is never any worry about installing on different computers. The price remains the same, and effectiveness will always be there.



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