The First Gyro Stabilized Hydrofoil with Dynamic Wings in The World

By: | July 1st, 2024

Image Source by XFoil

XFoil 2 follows its original version of PLX Devices’ XFoil. Introduced two years ago, XFoil can transform itself from a powered surfboard riding on the surface of the water to a hydrofoil riding above the water in lakes, rivers, and oceans. Its best-seller feature was its modular design, allowing it to be used as an unpowered stand-up paddleboard. Its foiling wings, at that time, were also like those of any other at completely rigid.

The XFoil 2 is the 2nd generation of the original version. XFoil 2 is an electric watercraft made of carbon fiber, users are able to not only glide on the surface but also fly above the water. Moreover, it’s the first hydrofoil in the world, which features a computer-controlled gyro system, along with active moving control surfaces designed to automatically cancel turbulent waters. This technology also offers better stability and handling than the old one.

In addition to keeping the 3-in-1 design from its predecessor, the XFoil 2 now features a gyro stability system called Omega. The new gen consists of motorized ailerons on its front wings and a motorized elevator on the one in the rear. These are automatically actuated by an integrated 6-axis gyro, which instantaneously senses changes in roll, pitch, and yaw.

According to the manufacturer, this function allows the new version of XFoil to maintain a smooth ride, eventually when it has to be subjected to waves, wind gusts, and subtle unintentional weight-shifting on the part of the user. This means the board can recognize the rider’s more purposeful shifts in body weight to keep them in full control of steering at all times.

In hydrofoil mode, the XFoil 2 can run one hour with the standard battery, or 2.5 hours with an optional long-range battery, and it can reach a top speed of 48 km/h. Not only that but it is also designed with a lighter, stronger new carbon fiber body with a 6061-T6 anodized aluminum wing mast, a 6,000-watt motor, along with a handheld Bluetooth remote with an OLED display for controlling the speed, and a waterproof IP68 submersed beyond 1m.

The board is made for both beginners and experts and weighs only 13.2 Kg. It also easily fits into mid-size sedans.

Ashton Henning

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