The Economic Impact of Pandemic to The Construction Industry

By: | August 11th, 2020

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The construction industry, like many industries, has been affected by the pandemic; fortunately, business loans are available right now to help lessen the economic impact and help the industry recover.

While some construction has not been that affected, roads and bridges still need to be repaired, some smaller projects have certainly stalled while the world tries to recover from the pandemic. Instead of losing your business as the economy suffers, look into ways you can get through until the industry picks back up.

How has the Construction Industry been affected?

COVID-19 led the unemployment rate to skyrocket, which has millions of people tightening their financial belts. This has led people to stop spending on goods that are optional. For example, if you were planning to install a new deck, you might cancel that until you get your job back.

The construction industry is affected most by people who need to save money. They might delay that new kitchen or bathroom.

Goods and Services

In addition to consumers possibly requesting less work, and causing some paychecks to dwindle, also consider that the availability of goods and workers might dry up. Lumber companies, wholesale dealers, etc all of whom are likely working limited hours, or may be closed completely.

You might not be able to get the raw materials you need to complete a project. And, if you employ staff, they might not be able to work due to exposure to COVID-19. Open communication is key and you should talk to everyone you can, from your staff, to your wholesalers, and find out what their plans for the future are.

How can your Construction Business survive the pandemic?

One thing you can do right now is to look into getting a small business loan. Most businesses are eligible, and the relief of a business loan can be just enough to float your business until people recover from the pandemic and start spending a little more money.

Small business loans right now are typically offered at low interest rates because this is such a unique scenario. Consider using a loan to continue to train your employees, so your business can be stronger than ever after the pandemic.  Loans might even be federally supported as the government tries to help small businesses recover.

The Good News

If you can get through these tough times with the aid of a small business loan, the construction industry might bounce back stronger than ever. Chances are, many people delayed their projects, but do not intend on canceling them altogether. In a lot of cases, wholesalers and the providers of raw materials, might have only been shut down for 30 days and not long-term. It might be fairly easy to get back to work and watch your business pick back up.

How can you use a Business Loan

Let a small business loan help you stop the bleeding. Pay the workers for the work they completed, pay the lumber yards for material they provided to you. And, use the rest of the loans for overhead to keep your facilities open, maintain your insurance, and make plans for the future.


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