Tesla Wireless Charger Powers Up Your Phone Slowly but Surely

By: | September 5th, 2018

The new Tesla Wireless Charger is the latest tech product from Elon Musk looking to benefit from brand recognition.

That’s not a bad thing as it’s the company’s prerogative, seeing as how they also sell desktop chargers, portable chargers, and even hats. But at a cost of $65 the Tesla smartphone charger leaves a lot to be desired.

At its premium price point, it does what you would expect a charger to do, offering USB-A and USB-C ports, in addition to the wireless charging feature. Oh, and it is available in black or white.

But … it only provides 6,000mAh of juice and 5W of output charging, or 7.5W using the wired charging feature.

Let’s just say there are plenty of alternatives in the market that are cheaper and offer far more juice in terms of charging.

If you’re a Tesla fanatic, the charger does provide that alluring, sleek look found in most of the company’s products, however, be aware there are better options for people looking to save a little bit of coin.


Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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