Telescopic Lenses Give You Superhero Vision

By: | September 15th, 2013

Imagine being able to magnify your vision by almost three times what it is now. It almost sounds like something out of a comic book or sci-fi film but it’s actually happening. Scientists have created new contact lenses that, when paired with specifically designed spectacles, can give the wearer telescopic vision.

The switchable telescopic contact lenses have independent optical paths that allow the person wearing them to switch between normal, standard and magnified vision. The development is aimed at treating blindness caused by aging.

At first, the lenses allow for regular vision, but once the users put on a pair of specially-designed 3D glasses, they can move to telescopic vision. The 3D glasses have been built with much of the same technology used by Samsung for the glasses accompanying their 3D TVs.

The 3D glasses have polarising filters that capture light and redirect it to a ring inside the lenses. This creates a magnified image for the person wearing them.

The lenses are scheduled for further testing in November to see if they are capable of treating eye health issues like macular degeneration, which is currently only treated with traditional spectacles or surgery.

Jonathan Keane

Irish journalist writing on business, tech and engineering.


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