Technological Innovations That You Must Definitely Look Out for in 2021

By: | November 30th, 2021

Image Credit: Pixabay

2021 is definitely coming to an end, right? With half of the year spent amidst a pandemic that threatened to topple over the human race, we have all become a tad crippled regarding how to deal with actual real life situations. Most of us who had been averse to technology in the past have actually had to go ahead and learn all we could and as soon as possible in order to deal with online conferences, work from home meetings and so on.

So, ending the year on a technology based note should be the perfect way to kick in the new year right? With technology coming forward and actually helping us stay connected and continuing on with our lives after the Covid-19 pandemic ripped it apart, it is high time we pay some homage to technological advancements and try to influence all those who do not believe in technology to give it another chance. Even the ones who used to bet on sports in land-based retail outlets have had to find online counterparts, and for those who still haven’t, provides the best sportsbook lists in the world!

For all those who love technology and those who we are sure will at least like technology after scrolling through the rest of this article, here is a well researched list on the different technological advancements that have shaped the tumultuous year that has been 2021:

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence: Earlier, relegated to just the technical and academic side of the world of technology and innovation, machine learning and artificial intelligence has gone ahead and reached the minds and hands of almost all common people today. What’s more is that you might not even be aware of that! The mobile phones in your hand is a clear example of this technological innovation. Depending on statistics, machine learning is a computer science field where statistics and previous data are studied by machines to predict or forecast the future data. Not like a fortune teller, more like an astute statistician okay? And artificial intelligence goes hand in hand with this, because where machine learning stops, this comes in by developing data based intelligence and eventually even carrying out essential tasks without explicit human supervision. Entering all the e-retail sectors that you can find, this is the next big thing in technology and this year is just the beginning. How else did you think apps created all the tailored product recommendations for you, huh?

  • Full Stack Development: Your job as a website developer just got better, people! With webpages and dot com sites being the go-to thing for each and every household now, what exactly does it mean to be a full stack developer and what lies behind this hugely impactful technological innovation in 2021? Well, interestingly full stack development is essentially web page development but complete, as in, creating a web page for a company in such a way that there is an interface that is for the clients and the users and another that is for the company. This helps them handle the traffic, the statistics and their business side of the website. To be a flexible and efficient full stack developer, you will need to know HTML, CSS and Bootstrap for the business interface and PHP, C++, Java and so on for the user interface.

The other important technological innovations that have been brought to the fore in 2021 include data science, robotic process automation, edge computing, virtual reality and augmented reality, blockchain, 5G and so on. So, go ahead and give technology and its advancements the respect and admiration it has always deserved!


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