How the Technion Made Israel a Global High Tech Leader & Startup Nation

By: | August 4th, 2015

While Silicon Valley has the highest concentration of high-tech startups anywhere in the world, Israel, a nation of just over 8 million people, comes in second. But Israel has a higher concentration of high-tech workers at 135 out of every 10,000 while the US trails at 85 out of every 10,000. In addition, 9 out of every 1,000 Israeli workers are involved in research and development (R&D), about twice the rate seen in Japan and the US.

The Technion, also known as the Israel Institute of Technology, is over a century old, but today is most famous for its scientific and technology prowess. IndustryTap has reported on Technion’s partner role in Cornell University’s new graduate school of applied science and engineering in New York City, which is now being called “Silicon Island.”

In fact, in a report on the Ahavat Israel website, President and Professor Zehev Tadmor said, “the Technion led Israel’s high-tech revolution with its dramatic growth to over 13,000 students studying technology, science, medicine, architecture and urban planning.” The Institute offers 18 academic departments, 53 undergraduate programs, and 67 graduate programs.

Technion graduates dominate the boards of directors of Israel’s high-tech companies, with over 75% coming from Technion. In addition, Technion-related companies account for about two-thirds of Israel’s industrial exports in electronics and chemicals.

The Technion has thrived by hiring and nurturing highly talented professors, including 3 Nobel Prize winners, who are focused on preparing students for high-tech industries and startup companies.

David Russell Schilling

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