Teaching Engineering With Cartoons & Funny Machines

By: | May 1st, 2015

Capturing the Imagination of College Freshmen

Add simplicity, bright colors, creativity, and imagination and you’ve got the series of cartoons introducing young and old alike to economics, statistics, climate change, engineering, physics and more.

One of the barriers to the enjoyment of complex topics is that presentations often come across as stale, especially in today’s hyper-connected multimedia sharing environment.¬†Businesses would do well by realizing that customers are also often turned off by colorless and unimaginative content.

How to Open a Bottle of Beer Without an Opener

Now here’s a topic freshman engineering students could get excited about: how to open a bottle of beer without an opener.

Making Engineering Fun

Researchers at Robert Morris University are attempting to introduce freshman engineering students to components, processes, and systems in a way that doesn’t demotivate them. The authors of “Introducing Engineering Design Through an Intelligent Rube Goldberg Implementation,” Sushil Acharya and Arif Sirinterlikci, teach students engineering design and microcontrollers in Rube Goldberg type mechanisms.

In a paper “Rube-Goldberg Devices & Simple Machines”¬†written by the engineering department at Ole Miss, the cartoon illustrations help students learn concepts more easily.

Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change

Cartoonists Yoram Bauman and Brady Klein have been raising money for their cartoon books through Kickstarter. “The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change” raised $21,129 from 309 backers.

The following videos explains the Climate Change cartoon book:

Philosophy by Cartoon

At the same time, Michael F. Patton and Kevin Canon have written “The Cartoon Introduction to Philosophy,” now available on Amazon.com, which was published last week.

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