Synergy Aircraft Bold New Step for Aviation

By: | January 23rd, 2013

Synergy Aircraft is a bold and innovative new step for aviation. Just one look at this small plane tells you straight away that you’re not looking at something conventional. Firstly, what exactly are those rectangular shaped wings and the rounded egg shaped carrier? They’re all part of Synergy’s aerodynamic reimagining.

The engineers behind Synergy are looking to usher in a new chapter for aviation, in an attempt to make flying even more accessible, and hopefully hassle-free, for everyone, by making a few tweaks to standard aircraft designs.

“The Synergy configuration counterintuitively shortens and thickens the wing, and increases its area, in comparison to typical high performance design teachings,” explain the guys behind Synergy and their team leader John McGinnis. “Together with increased fuel storage and the downforce directed to the wingtips by the tails, these features make the wing stronger and safer for a given weight.”

Crucially, Synergy is promising a number of new things for the passenger first and foremost, namely more room within the aircraft, greater comfort and a “far lower price”. Lowering fuel usage by up to ten times than that of standard small jets, McGinnis and co. claims the inventive new plane is a vital step in re-creating aviation as we know it.

Ultimately, the Synergy aircraft will carry small numbers of passengers on relatively short journeys, making for easy and quick trips with the aircraft’s sleek and compact design that can conveniently land in the most basic of airfields safely.

However, currently the Synergy aircraft has yet to be subject to any peer-review evaluation and the plane awaits the feedback of several respected aeronautical authorities when various test flights have been demonstrated and completed.

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