Swagtron Has a Dumb Name But Its SwagSurf Helps You Cruise on Water at 15 MPH

By: | January 9th, 2017


Swagtron is the leader in the clubhouse for the dumbest company name I’ve heard this year, but lucky for them, we’re only a few days into 2017.

Incredibly, Swagtron was formerly known as Swagway which is arguably an even dumber name, but I digress.

The company has unveiled a new electric surfboard – so-to-speak – which is essentially a hoverboard for the water, capable of cruising at a cool 15 miles per hour on the lake.

We’ve yet to see SwagSurf in action, but anything that can propel me on water piques my interest, so stay tuned for updates.

In addition to the company’s SwagSurf product, Swagtron also unveiled the following at CES:

  • SwagCycle bike: top speed of 40 miles per hour, 250W motor capable of lasting 55 miles
  • SwagRoller: electric unicycle that tops out at around 10 miles per hour
  • Swagtron hoverboard which comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker
Marshall Smith

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