Study Resources and Techniques for APM Exams

By: | May 3rd, 2024

Association for Project Management (APM) certification increases your chances of getting hired in the project management field. Essential study materials and techniques are necessary to prepare for and obtain an APM Certification. This blog will show you the best study methods and materials to help you perform well on your APM Exams.

Essential Study Resources 

Official APM Study Guides

Get ready for the exam by reading official APM study guides that are made for that test. These guides cover exam topics in detail, and it is necessary to understand how the test format and what it covers. 

Practice Exams

Take practice tests regularly. This will help you familiarize yourself with the exam format you need to expect. The types of questions can also be checked, and you can prepare accordingly. APM gives practice tests that are very similar to actual tests. This will help you determine what you need to work on. 

Online Learning Platforms

Online learning sites like APM Learning offer interactive courses, webinars, and study materials. These sites often have self-paced learning modules and expert help. 

Books and Publications

Add to your studies with books and articles that APM or experts in the field have suggested. Look for books that detail the APM exam topics and show how to use project management concepts in real life. 

Peer Discussion Forums

Join online boards and discussion groups to talk with other job candidates and project managers. Sharing your thoughts, experiences, and study methods can help you learn better and be more motivated.

APM Approved Training Providers

Sign up for classes at APM-approved training companies. These companies offer organized training programs that match the goals of the APM test. They give you expert-led lessons and hands-on experiences to learn. 

Study Groups and Workshops

Join study groups or workshops led by APM teachers or project managers with much experience. Working with others lets you learn through interactive activities, group discussions, and support from other students. This helps you understand exam topics better and creates a supportive study space. 

Effective Study Techniques 

Create a Study Plan

Make an organized study plan that includes when and what you will study each day and your goals for each milestone. Give more time to complex topics and ensure enough time for review.

Use Visual Aids

Visual tools include mind maps, diagrams, and charts. They help to make complex ideas easier to understand and help you remember what you’ve learned. Make visual summaries of essential test topics that you can look over quickly. 

Active Learning

Instead of reading study materials, you should summarise the information in your own words, teach others about ideas, and solve practice problems. 

Utilize Mnemonics

Mnemonic devices can help you remember things by linking knowledge to catchy phrases or acronyms. Make mnemonics for essential ideas, formulas, and models for managing projects. 

Practice Time Management

During practice tests and study sessions, learn how to handle your time well to finish each part of the actual test within the time limit. Sort the questions by how hard they are and mark the ones you want to repeat. 

Seek Feedback

Ask mentors, tutors, or friends to give feedback on how you did on the practice test and how you studied. Use the feedback to determine where you can improve and then change your study style accordingly. 

Simulate Exam Conditions

When you take practice tests, make them feel like real exams by staying on time, avoiding distractions, and only using allowed resources. This boosts confidence and lowers stress before a test. 

Regular Revision

Set up regular review meetings to help you learn more and remember what you’ve learned. For better long-term memory, repeat things you’ve learned a few times at regular intervals using spaced repetition. 

Stay Updated

Stay current on changes to the APM exam syllabus, best practices, and business trends. For useful information, sign up for APM emails, attend webinars, and read reputable project management blogs. 


To prepare for the APM tests, you need a mix of helpful study materials and methods. Using official APM materials, practice exams, online platforms, and active learning strategies can improve your knowledge, boost your confidence, and do well on the test.


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