Star Trek Like Tractor Beams To Remotely Adjust Position of Micro-Satellites

By: | September 11th, 2015

Tractor Beam

Tractor Beam (Image Courtesy

Arx Pax of Hendo Hoverboard fame has just announced a partnership with NASA under the Space Act Agreement (SAA) to design and manufacture devices that will create a magnetic “force field” between microsatellites, keeping them in fixed configurations and allowing one satellite to manipulate another.

Arx Pax already has a patent on “Magnetic Field Architecture” (MFA) that uses electromagnetic energy transmitted from one object to another to manipulate relative positioning.

Fans of Star Trek may remember the “tractor beam” by which starships controlled the movement of external objects such as other spaceships or by which starships dragged themselves to safety using spatial forces of distant objects.

The following video explains how the tractor beam works:

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