SPTek’s 3D-AVMS System Gives You a Real-Time 3D View of Your Car, Ensuring Safety

By: | April 18th, 2015

There have been minor advancements in car camera technologies over the years, but SPTek’s 3D-AVMS system could make the biggest splash we have seen in recent history.

Instead of simply providing a backup camera or overhead view of your vehicle, SPTek’s system shows you what is all around you on the road… While you are driving!

Obviously, this is huge because the majority of accidents, even minor ones, are caused by blind spots, where drivers simply cannot see something or someone they are about to hit.

SPTek’s 3D-AVMS system uses four 190-degree wide-angle lens cameras hidden on the sides, front, and back of a vehicle in order to feed 100 megapixels worth of digital imagery to an on-board computer.

The onboard computer is then able to produce a real-time omnidirectional view of a 3D model of the car for which it is being used.

SPTek is planning on fully commercializing the company’s unique technology beginning in August, so it still might be a few years before we get the 3D-AVMS system in everyday vehicles.

However, the 3D-AVMS system is currently being tested on a tour bus, arguably the single greatest place to test a technology of this caliber.

If it performs well, it could be ready to roll out to the public sooner rather than later.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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