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Articles are easy to remember, easy to share, and able to communicate features and benefits of products and services if they’re done the right way.

Nowadays, too many companies continue to blast out press releases, failing to realize their hard work is getting lost in a sea of press releases or marked as spam.

Sponsored Article Excerpt

We want to help your company better engage an industrial audience by highlighting how you’ve helped customers solve problems and achieve goals.

Our analytics show that real customer success stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts and specs alone.

Application stories engage customers up to 4 times more than product announcements and lead to increased business.

At IndustryTap we develop and broadcast your story to our huge industrial audience, extending your company’s overall reach.

Article Types:

  • Situation, Complication & Solution
  • Customer Success
  • Innovation & Exciting News
  • Interesting Project

We write, develop, and promote your articles to a wide ranging industrial audience, including blasting out your content to our 240,000 followers on social media and 130,000 newsletter subscribers.

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