Space Campers Introduces Wedge-Style Camper for Tesla Cybertruck

By: | September 5th, 2023

Image source by Space Campers

With a black of reservation holders for the Tesla Cybertruck, it can be seen that there’s also a huge demand for accessories and upgrades for the striking EV. The California startup Space Campers has shown compatible accessories that can meet the truck’s “unique” dimensions.

The company’s Wedge is a prototype camper that levels out the Cybertruck’s bed. It’s under overnight form and uses modular components to create a versatile base camp in a small space.

To do that, Space Campers equips its prototype Wedge pop-up topper with a Cybertruck bed mockup to level out the sloped sides of the bed to create a flat sleeping platform. This platform has modular interior panels that can be adjusted into different configurations, including a double bed and a lounger for upright sitting.

Space Campers’ Wedge and Cap

When the sleeping platform is lifted out of the way, the standing height inside the pickup bed is 8 full feet (2.4m). The tall fabric sidewalls and door feature amounts of mesh for ventilation while the ceiling with an array of inset LED lighting is lined with what looks like bamboo.

Unlike other camper accessory providers, Space Campers designs struts that tap into Tesla’s onboard air compressor for dial-operated automated opening in mere seconds.

The roll-up weatherproof storm door doubles as a large awning, set up from collapsible support poles. Furthermore, the startup is also developing the camper to work with the truck’s keyless tailgate locking system for fast, easy security.

Image source by Space Campers

The Wedge also consists of integrated storage cubbies in its short, bed-leveling sidewalls, integrated L track and tie-down points, and four 120-V outlets. According to the firm, the sleeping panels also will double as tables and benches, and it will offer available accessories such as a kitchen, outdoor shower/bathroom, insulation, and solar power.

Meanwhile, the Cap is a simpler fixed-roof Cybertruck Cap that creates the simplest possible camper design and feels much smarter than an accordion tiny home or boxy transformer.

The Race of Accessories and Mods for Cybertruck

Image source by Space Campers

Cybertruck’s release also started a race for the wildest accessories in the market. In addition to Space Campers, there are also some names like Form Camper, Cyberlandr, and many more. It also has already generated some absurd mods for those who wish to make it more than just an electric pickup.

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