Solar Powered Window Shades to Charge Aircraft Passenger Devices

By: | August 5th, 2016

Solar Powered Window Shades

Solar Powered Window Shades (Image Courtesy

Some of the world’s most advanced aircraft are the beneficiaries of advanced aircraft design and systems.

Solar Powered Window Shades

Last year, a company known as B/E Aerospace patented aircraft solar powered window shades that produced electricity to power passenger personal devices during flights. The Crystal Cabin Awards, or the “Oscars of airplane interiors” presented its Industrial Design & Visionary Concept Award to B/E Aerospace at last year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany.

The following video shows how B/E Aerospace’s solar powered window shades work.

B/E Aerospace has again won a Crystal Cabin Award, this year for its Viu Flex Lighting System. Following are all the Crystal Cabin Award winners for 2016.

Cabin Concepts

Etihad (cooperation partner Acumen Design Associates): Etihad B787 First Suites

Cabin Systems

B/E Aerospace: Viu Flex Lighting System

Electronic Systems

Lufthansa Systems: BoardConnect Portable

Greener Cabin, Health, Safety and Environment

The Boeing Company: Clean Cabin – Fresh Lavatory

Material & Components

SEKISUI Polymer Innovations: Infused Imaging

Passenger Comfort Hardware

Rebel.Aero Ltd: Rebel.Aero Ltd


TU Delft Kühne (cooperation partner Zodiac Seats U.S. LLC): HeadRest

Visionary Concepts

Zodiac Aerospace: Lifestyle

Following is the official Crystal Cabin Awards video.

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