This Solar-Powered Smart Watering System Brings Smart Tech to Your Garden

By: | August 26th, 2015

Water is essential for maintaining lawns and gardens, however too much or too little can harm them.

The latest Blue Marble offers an automated, app-controlled watering system to “deliver the perfect drink” to your plants. This smart irrigation system lets you take better care of your plants while saving your precious time and conserving water.

The system consists of garden sensors, sprinkler heads, a controller, an app, and wireless irrigation valves.

Blue Marble allows you to monitor and control the system from anywhere in the world from your smartphone or tablet. With Blue Marble, one can easily handle multiple remote sites. If you are on a vacation or a business trip or you own vacation homes, you can easily control the system with Blue Marble.

The irrigation controller from Blue Marble is connected to the internet so it can gather weather information. Blue marble automates your garden watering based on real-time data about weather forecasts.

Blue Marble comes with garden sensors. These sensors send moisture, temperature, and light readings to the controller so it can develop the best watering schedule.

Blue Marble is battery-free. The garden sensors, irrigation valves, and radio communication between devices are energized by small solar cells.

The Blue Marble helps in conserving water, lowers your utility bills, and takes care of your plants even in your absence.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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