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By: | March 28th, 2016


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The Latest & Greatest Microprocessor Development Boards

Snickerdoodle by KRTKL, Inc. is a robotic development company providing a variety of affordable, powerful, out of the box baseboards & I/O peripherals with functional applications.

Snickerdoodle Usability

Snickerdoodle allows users to program in C/C++, Python, Java, and’s programming languages often used with Arduino: Snappy Ubuntu Core, Linux, ROS, Free RTOS, and others. When creating new software projects, users of Snickerdoodle store their software in the cloud or on iPhone and Android smartphones.

Snickerdoodle runs a palm-sized Linux computer with dual-core ARM, FPGA System on Chip (Soc), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 154 reconfigurable I/O, allĀ configurable and programmable wirelessly. The Snickerdoodle app comes with a number of pre-configurations, and each Snickerdoodle comes with its own onboard memory and identification chip.

KRTKL raised $132,000 via its Crowd Supply Campaign, and the company is in the pre-order phase with the following products:

  • snickerdoodle
  • snickerdoodle black
  • breakyBreaky breakout board
  • piSmasher SBC
  • giggleBits hackable Gigabit Ethernet router
  • cookie jar enclosure
  • copperHead heat sink
  • 32GB microSD card (pre-loaded)
  • pin housings + jumpers
  • jumpers
  • baseboard headers

With a Snickerdoodle, users can:

  1. program a lidar enabled “Wall-E” using Python
  2. build zero-latency heads-up display gaming overlays
  3. make a Hakuba wireless Gigabit Ethernet Router
  4. develop cryptocurrencies and mine bitcoins
  5. create RADAR enabled, autonomous terrestrial robots
  6. create unmanned aircraft with heads-up displays and collision avoidance
  7. build a wireless facial-recognition security system
  8. create six-axis robots and 3-D printers
  9. develop gigabit networking and high-frequency trading systems
  10. develop computer vision systems for 3-D mapping and object recognition
  11. create autonomous underwater rovers
  12. develop remote weather stations and sensor clouds

The following video explains Snickerdoodle.

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