SkyMall Has Been Resurrected From the Dead… Ridiculous Product Buyers Rejoice!

By: | April 3rd, 2015


C&A Marketing, out of New Jersey, has done the world a favor by purchasing the assets of bankrupt in-flight magazine SkyMall, effectively saving the iconic magazine at a recent auction.

I wrote about SkyMall filing for bankruptcy a few months back, so it’s awesome to see the catalog resurrected.

SkyMall’s rebirth did not come cheap, however, with AZCentral reporting C&A bought SkyMall’s assets for $1.9 million.

In a statement, C&A executive VP Chaim Pikarski said, “Our goal is to bring the SkyMall brand back to its roots, back to the brands, products and technology that relate to all travelers.”

Hopefully, SkyMall can pivot its business model and offer something such as a digital catalog these days because the magazine seemed to struggle to compete with electronics before its demise.

I for one have faith in a magazine that sells everything from zombie statues to wine glass necklaces to magical grow-back-your-hair helmets.

Here’s to a prosperous return for SkyMall!

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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