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By: | February 23rd, 2017

Smart City

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Amsterdam & India

The Amsterdam Smart City Project is focused on saving energy and limiting CO2 emissions in the city through changes to how inhabitants live, work, commute, and use public spaces. Amsterdam is working on improving infrastructure and technology when it comes to energy, water mobility, and waste and pollution levels. It is also working to improve government and education and while providing citizens with a higher quality of living.

Another project, India-based Gaia Smart Cities, is a leader in knowledge and implementation of new technologies that will impact cities including the Internet of Things (IoT) and Network as a Service (NaaS).

Leveraging Technology & Improving Municipal Management

A number of international conferences and meetings, including Smart Cities Summit 2017, bring together smart city experts for networking and information sharing, to promote dialogues about challenges in urban areas, and to boost infrastructure by increasing investment.

Smart Capacities for Cities (SC4C) refers to a range of products, services, and solutions that can be used by citizens, governments, and companies to make cities smarter and more efficient. Three areas that will underlie future smart cities include smart automation, machine learning, and data analytics that will sense, measure, track, and analyze city data from traffic and utilities to raw materials and telecommunications.

Today Gaia Smart Cities acts as a clearinghouse for smart city information that can be shared all over India and around the world. It is also lining up investors to create marketplaces for technology and services that will be needed to build smart cities. There is also a lot of investment in India in promising startups to fund technologies and services that don’t exist yet. Gaia Smart Cities recently acquired Netcore’s Internet of Things business as part of an equity deal. Netcore provides solutions including remote access to water and gas meters and asset tracking and has worked with the Government of New Delhi to improve its water systems.

Following is a video showing “Smart City Project Presentation” that uses LED screens and billboards to provide better traffic information to motorists in large cities.

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