Samsung Revealed the Second Generation of its Foldable-Display Tablet/Phone

By: | August 12th, 2020

Image Credit: Samsung

Foldable displays still didn’t gain enough traction on the market as expected, mostly because few manufacturers utilize the technology in their devices. One notable exception is Samsung, a company that produces foldable screens, and then implements them in unique future-driven devices. Recently, the South Korean company revealed information about the second iteration of the Galaxy Fold tablet/phone.

The previous model was the first foldable on the market, launched at just under $2,000. The model was launched to much fanfare but was soon caught up in controversy. Namely, professional reviewers soon learned that the screen was very fragile, mainly due to the opened-hinge mechanism. Samsung diligently replaced the first models with an upgraded Galaxy Fold, but some of the issues remained.

The Galaxy Fold 2 will try to change that completely. To combat these issues, Samsung used a newly-developed hinge mechanism, sourced from the Galaxy Z Fold, a smaller portable smartphone from the company. The new hinge will not let dust under the display, but it will also be more robust. Moreover, the new pivot will allow the user to keep the device in a semi-opened position and place it as a laptop on a table.

Samsung made another critical improvement to the Galaxy Fold 2 – the outer screen is now much larger. Instead of the measly 4.6 inches, the external display now measures usable 6.2 inches. As a result of that, the user won’t need to open the device to write a quick message or check notifications.

Furthermore, the inner screen doesn’t have a notch anymore. Instead, the larger 7.6-inch display only has a small circular cutout for the selfie camera. On top of that, the inner screen now supports a 120 Hz refresh rate for fluid animations.

Despite all the improvements, the new device will also be thinner – it measures only 6-mm thick when opened. Also, Samsung says that the device will also be thinner when closed, which will reduce the bulge it creates in jeans pockets.

Samsung will utilize the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ chipset on the Galaxy Fold 2. Right now, this chipset contains both the fastest processor and the fastest graphical chip for Android phones.

The price of the new Galaxy Fold 2 is still unknown, but Samsung will share it on a specific web event on September 1st. Then, we will also probably learn more about the cameras on the device as well.

Overall, the Galaxy Fold 2 seems like a nice improvement over the original foldable device and a much better alternative to the regular smartphone.


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