Russia’s terrifying long-range nuclear torpedo can spark ‘radioactive tsunamis’

By: | April 6th, 2021

Image courtesy: pixabay

Vladimir Putin recently announced that Russia is developing a plethora of nuclear weapons. One of these proposed weapons – a nuclear torpedo could unleash “radioactive tsunamis” on coastal cities.

The stealth torpedo, called the Poseidon 2M39 torpedo, is an autonomous weapon with an onboard nuclear reactor. Russian officials claim that this torpedo can deliver a warhead of several megatons.

This horrifying weapon is capable of creating a 300-foot-tall tsunami. So, it can quietly sneak past the coastal defenses at a much faster speed than a submarine or ship.  It could detonate along the coastline to flood the area with “radioactive tsunamis.” As the result, the radioactive waves could devastate coastal cities and render huge portions of land uninhabitable for decades.

Image courtesy: unsplash

 Experts fear that this horrifying weapon is designed to “inundate U.S. coastal cities with radioactive tsunamis.”

 Sixty-five feet long and 6.5 feet wide Poseidon is the largest torpedo ever developed. This nuclear-powered torpedo can cross the entire oceans before detonating a thermonuclear warhead against an enemy coastal target which could be a city or a naval base.

 A bomb that can trigger deadly tsunamis in big coastal cities is terrifying. But more than military implications, this weapon would also cause severe environmental destruction by spreading unprecedented radioactive fallout lasting decades.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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