RUD’s Fall Protection Anchorage Points Ensure Safety When It Comes to Personnel Protection Equipment

By: | December 4th, 2015

RUD Chain’s PSA Fall Protection Anchorage Points can be used as an anchor point for personnel protective equipment, made specifically to be used as fixing points during assembly.

The PSA Fall Protection Anchorage Points, which consist of the PSA-VRS (STAR-POINT) and PSA-INOX-STAR, are not traditional lifting points because of the fact they were developed especially for the use of personnel protection equipment.


Since there are extremely high safety requirements when it comes to fixing anchorage points permanently on a structure to lift personnel protection equipment, RUD’s Fall Protection Anchorage Points have been certified successfully by the Employers Liability Insurance Association, the Building Industry (BG Bau), and meet OSHA standards under 1926.502.

The components correspond to the European Directive for “personnel protection equipment” (89/686/EWG) and are marked with the CE-Stamp as well as with the number of person (1 or 2 persons) which can be carried.

The stainless PSA INOX STAR is more than suitable for permanent outdoor use, and not only is it available in different thread lengths, the anchorage points are 100% crack detected.


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