Robotic Underground Parking Garage Gives Bike Racks the Boot

By: | October 1st, 2013

IndustryTap has written about concept eCycles and their impressive ergonomics, break rotors made from lighter, stronger and more durable materials and how “Creative Engineering Underlies Fastest Bicycles In the World“, featuring recumbent and upright vehicles as well as a Formula One race car inspired bicycle.

It is clear that breakthroughs in materials and design are leading to a plethora of new and novel unicycles, bicycles, tricycles and motorcycles. But where will owners of these new, environmentally friendly, cycles find a parking spot in our increasingly crowded cities?

Trend Toward Urbanization Means More Bikes & “Bike Racks”

Nearly everyone has seen the picture of a crowded Japanese, Chinese or Indian bike rack station, usually near mass transit, with thousands of bikes often haphazardly strewn about. These bikes take up valuable space that could be used for (gasp!) green space, or other purposes.

Even the government notices these visually unappealing heaps of bikes. The Tokyo metropolitan government recently announced a bike-parking ban outside of designated areas.

Automated Bike System Stores Bikes Underground, Saving Space

The following video shows a young man in Tokyo using one of the new automated bicycle storage stations. The underground storage system, built by a Japanese construction company called Giken, holds up to 204 bikes. Bike owners deposit and retrieve their bikes by swiping their membership cards. Bicycles are tracked by a wireless device attached to the bike’s frame.

More pictures of the automated bike storage system:

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