Robotic Water Sprinkler Knows When Your Plants are Thirsty

By: | April 21st, 2014

Traditional sprinkler systems not only waste lots of water but also lead to uneven watering of the lawn. Now, a robotic water sprinkler system can water your lawn and plants precisely as needed.

Droplet is a smart sprinkler system that combines robotics, cloud computing and other connected services. It doesn’t spray water blindly like a traditional sprinkler system. Once you input the types of plants in your yard and their location, Droplet knows where the plants are and it can decide when to disperse the appropriate amount of water at the right angle.

Droplet can even adjust itself according to the weather conditions due to its connection to over 10,000 weather stations. All you have to do is hook the sprinkler up to a garden hose, power it and configure the system via wi-fi with your mobile device or the Droplet website.

For instance, if it rained yesterday, Droplet will not water the plants. If it just drizzled; Droplet will give the plants a little drink of water.

Droplet waters your lawn effectively, efficiently and precisely as needed. It has a range of 30 feet or 2,700 square feet and can even be set to fill outside dog bowls. The company claims Droplet can save gallons of water per day.

Droplet’s creators also claim it can lower water consumption by up to 90% and can save up to $265 a year on water bills … almost enough to recoup your investment of $300 on this system.

See Droplet go to work:

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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