Robotic Falconry: Clearing the Skies of Unwanted Drones

By: | February 26th, 2016

New “Bird” Abatement Market Opening Up

With the rise of millions of multi-rotor drones around the world, a “drone catcher system” or “bird abatement” seems an obvious necessity. People and organizations wishing to protect lives and property need a solution to force a landing or shoot down drones.

Using Eagles, Hawks for Robotic Falconry

It was recently reported that Eagles are being trained by police in Rotterdam, Netherlands to take out drones. In the following video, an Eagle takes out a drone, and it’s all captured by a camera aboard the drone.

Incidence of Bothersome Drones Increasing Exponentially

One obvious example of drone shenanigans is a hobbyist who flew a DJI Phantom helicopter over the White House last year. IndustryTap also recently reported on a professional skier who was nearly hit by a drone filming a ski competition.

Drone Capture Research & Development

Students at Michigan Tech are developing a “Robotic Falcon” to deal with renegade drones.

One of the current methods of gaining control over a renegade drone involves dropping a net over it.

The following video is a demonstration of a drone catcher in action from PDE Product Design Engineering.

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