The Roav From Anker is a Transparent Car Navigation Display For Your Dashboard

By: | October 13th, 2016


Hardware company, Anker, ran by a former Google employee, is working on developing a transparent car navigation display.

Called the Roav, the transparent car navigation display mounts right on your dashboard and displays directions and calls without a need for a screen.

While the Roav has been kept somewhat under wraps, we do have the following tweet from last week which hints something big is coming:


Another clue we have resides in the “About Me” section of Anker’s Facebook page:

Roav is the collection of interconnected car accessories designed to improve everyday driving. Created by the pioneering minds behind the Anker brand, Roav is all about making your drive as simple and enjoyable as possible through innovative smart gadgets. From Advanced Driver Assistance System devices to dashcams and backup cams, Roav has everything you need to stay connected in your car.



Michael Cooney

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