Returning Industry to the City

By: | December 9th, 2012

The Protofactory positions a return of industry to the city, fostering a culture of materialism where the flow of material, production of knowledge and the experience ofcraftsmanship are offered to society. The Protofactory redefines the factory typology. Based on a flow of knowledge and information, The Protofactory harbors a lateral organization of labor and enhanced feedback of research development and innovation processes supported by local and international education. The notion of production becomes reintroduced into the public realm.

Programmatic coupling generates the arrangement and proportion of heat producing and heat consuming spaces. Agents of air and water activate a thermodynamic structure that optimizes the flow of energy. While the disposition of spaces and boundaries propagate intermediate ‘soft spaces’ that are occupied by program and appropriated as infrastructural systems.

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Jeremy Helms

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