Renault’s EZ-ULTIMO Is a Self Driving Luxurious Lounge on the Wheels

By: | January 16th, 2019

Image Credit: Bertrand LE PLUARD / Renault SAS

Recently, Renault revealed its new autonomous concept car, the EZ-Ultimo at the Paris Motor show. The car gives us a little idea on what the future transport might look like.

You can use a smartphone app to book this mobile lounge

Surprisingly, it doesn’t have any seat for the driver. Robotic EV concept car EZ-Ultimo looks like a luxury lounge with a marble table, leather seats and walnut wood flooring. It can fit a maximum of three passengers and everything is 100% electric. This luxury vehicle is Renault’s vision of the future of urban shared mobility which could be useful for ride-hailing services, five-star hotels, airlines or businesses.

The car’s appearance changes as it moves

Renault explains “At first sight it appears to be deep black in color”. “As the vehicle approaches, the light brings out bright and sparkling hints of green. The vehicle’s appearance changes as it moves, so it appears to be alive.”

While the base of the vehicle almost touches the ground, an active suspension raises this 5.8 meters (19 feet) long vehicle automatically over bumps.  

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