ReadyChain® Solution: White-Water Ride’s 2 Moving Platforms, 9 Passenger Gondolas, and Extreme Weather

By: | August 10th, 2015

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Are you sick and tired of fumbling with cables, attaching connectors or assembling separators, mounting brackets, or other accessories just to set up your cable carrier system?

Assembly is tedious, costs time and money, and can result in machine down times.

For years, the igus® motto has been “plastics for longer life®.” The company strives to produce innovative cable management systems and other plastic products which reduce maintenance work, achieve technical improvements, reduce costs while increasing service life, and ensure everything is delivered immediately from stock.

There is hardly any application in which reliability of every part is as important as in fairground rides. A few years back, the “Wild´n´Wet” white-water ride at the Bremer Freimark needed help designing the energy supply system of the two moving platforms on which the nine passenger gondolas are incorporated.

igus, of course, came to the rescue.

“The advice was outstanding,” says, Horst Baasch, a trained engineer, “the product was right, the deadline was right, as was the agreed price.”

Only a few weeks passed between the first inquiry with igus® and the delivery of the tailor-made “ReadyChains®”. In the meantime, the igus® specialists assembled the E-Chains®. “It was important, for example, that the material used for the chain is UV-resistant and does not become brittle,” explains igus® consultant Jochen Weber. The rafting ride is namely exposed to constant sunshine outdoors. Normal plastic would soon become fragile. The same goes for the insulation on the power cables.


Over time, the ReadyChain® energy supply system has successfully braved the stresses ranging from extreme heat to frost involving the white water ride, in addition to easily handling centrifugal forces arising from the 180° rotation of the ride’s elevator.

Economic highs and lows are no problem if you choose ReadyChain® pre-harnessed systems. You let them worry about how much or how little you need to order and let the stress slide right off your back.

With an igus® pre-harnessed cable carrier system, instructions are a thing of the past because each one comes with its own complete out-of-the-box solution.


The ReadyChain® requires no assembly whatsoever. Connectors come attached to the cables, which are installed and separated in the correct order within the cable carrier.

Thanks to a finely-tuned logistic division,  igus® supplies ready-to-install systems within 3-10 days almost anywhere in the world, allowing you to cut your waiting times in half.

Not to mention, quick delivery times eliminate the need to keep continuous-flex cables, connectors and other cable carrier accessories in stock.

Add in the fact that igus® responds flexibly to order variations, can reduce your supplier base by 75%, and gives you the ability to choose your specific degree of harnessing, the size, and the travel length, and you’ve got a foolproof process.


Merten Hamann, purchase manager at Bargstedt Handlingsysteme (HOMAG-Group) in Hemmoor, says, “In 2007 alone we built 110 portal systems. And in 2008 we were at around 150 machines. This favorable order situation led to big problems with manufacturing. By the use of pre-assembled energy supply systems, we have almost halved the electrical installation time. Today our highly-qualified employees no longer spend so much time inserting cables into the energy chain, instead they are more appropriately employed in another location.”

Peter Bünter of Kündig Control Systems says, “Due to preassembly, the savings amount to three figures. We also no longer check goods inwards, but instead trust the igus® protocol that every product is included.

ReadyCable Harnessed Cables:

  • Alley Bradley, Fanuc, and Siemens drive cables shipped in 24 hours
  • Over 2,800 harnessed drive cables available
  • Fully harnessed according to 20 manufacturer standards
  • Online product-finder to help in selection process
  • Ordered to custom lengths

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Chainflex Cables:

  • igus has more than 1,040 cables types in stock in their US headquarters, which are available to ship within 24 hours.
  • 90% of cable orders ship the same day they are ordered from igus Inc.
  • More than 1,040 sizes and styles available to meet specific needs
  • Shielded and unshielded cable types available
  • Certifications including UL, cRUus, CSA, Ce, Desina, and DNV-GL
  • Available with characteristics including oil-resistant, flame-retardant, microbe-resistant, notch-resistant, PVC/halogen free, and more.
  • Jacket Materials include PVC, TPE, and PUR
  • Specially stranded for flexible applications – small bending radius
  • Control, data, servo, fiber optics, power, bus, and robot cables available.
  • No minimum order or cutting fees


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