RC Slope Mowers Are All the Rage

By: | March 18th, 2016

Spider Remote Control

Spider Remote Control

My 90-year-old father has cut six acres of grass, replete with steep slopes and inclines, each week during the warm months for the past 35 years. One-half of the land used to be horse pastures, so the terrain is a bit rough. For him, sitting on a John Deer tractor and being under a canopy of billowing clouds and sun is heavenly. It gets him out of the house and a reasonable amount of activity for his age.

Last summer my sister came upon Dad stretched out on the ground next to the John Deer with his arm seemingly stuck inside the grass chute. She nearly had a heart attack thinking he’d somehow run himself over. Seeing his eyes closed she called out for a sign of life, and slowly he opened his eyes, lifted his head and said: “well hello there.” He’d run over a rope that was now tightly wrapped around the cutting blades.

It’s incidents like these that have us worried and wondering. If he stops cutting the grass, it may deprive him of one activity that gives him pleasure and exercise. But if he keeps on cutting grass he’ll continue to sit on a noisy machine that vibrates and gives off noxious fumes.

Enter the Spider Remote Control Slope Mower

When I saw the Spider Remote Control Slope Mower, it made me think of Dad. I wonder if we can transition him to using a remote control (RC) and a comfortable chair under a shady tree by the pool.

The keys to the Spider are that it operates on inclines up to 40°, allows operators to be remote from the working area of the mower, and vastly reduces exposure to noise, vibrations, and fumes of a gasoline engine. Spider also can handle fine grooming as well as rough mowing of heavy brush.

Spider has distributors in more than 30 countries, including the US, where the current price is about $11,000.

Spider Mini RC Mower

The following video shows the Spider Mini RC Mower in action.

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