Qualcomm Calls on Samsung For Assistance in Building Its Snapdragon 820 Chip

By: | January 17th, 2016


The Snapdragon 820 chip is highly anticipated as it promises 40 percent better graphics, better battery life, and a faster integrated modem.

In order to manufacture the next-gen Snapdragon 820 chip, a 14nm processor must be used, something neither Qualcomm or its traditional manufacturing partner TSMC are capable of doing.

As a result, Qualcomm has called upon Samsung to help make the new Snapdragon 820 chip.

This is a big win for Samsung as the Snapdragon 820 chip is expected to be utilized in higher-end Android handsets over the next year or two and other flagship Android products.

While Samsung may be struggling when it comes to its mobile business, the company’s microprocessor manufacturing business is still going strong.

Marshall Smith

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