Qarnot Computer Readying to Heat Buildings with Cloud Computing Servers

By: | April 2nd, 2020

Image by Elizaveta Maximova from Pixabay

“Qarnot Computing”, a French start-up that focusing on green cloud platforms and pioneering heating solutions has just raised $6.5 million in a funding round that will help them realize their vision.

What Qarnot wishes to do is to heat people’s homes by using wasted heat generated in server systems and crypto-mining farms.

The firm doesn’t go in the trouble of harvesting that energy and then sending it where needed. Instead, it deploys its processing machines inside residential buildings, and give them a contemporary radiator look.

This way, the computers send their processing power via optical fiber to Qarnot, while the people who live in the “hosting” homes enjoy the heat that is generated. The residents have full control of how much heat they want the “QH1” system to release, while there is no noise generated by the unit at all. Already, over a thousand homes have a QH1 installed.

A building in Bordeaux has also decided to invest in one of Qarnot’s products, the QB1 digital boiler in particular. This is a boiler that uses 24 micro-processors to heat water to 60°C or more, and then circulate it to the tenant apartments. The system is fully modular, with each QB1 unit being able to provide 3kW of heating energy, so no matter what the heating needs are, this system can cover them.

Qarnot says that the heat that is generated by all data centers in the world is doubling every five years, and right now, it would be already enough to cover the heating needs of half of Europe’s households. For what Qarnot envisions and materializes, they have received awards from the French Government, and has entered the 2019 “Solar Impulse Foundation” top 1000 solutions with its QH1.


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