Precision Medical Device Manufacturing Provides Pathway To Heart… Find Out How!

By: | February 3rd, 2015

The 12mm Trocar medical device machined by Protomatic is one of many specialized medical instruments manufactured in the company’s facility.

Smaller diameter Trocars are used for creating holes in tissue, allowing for easy passage of an orthoscopic instrument. This also ensures minimally evasive surgery, substantially improving patient recovery times.

More evasive surgery requires the use of larger tools which is where this particular instrument is called upon by cardiac surgeons to create a pathway or “opening” in the heart. This allows other larger surgical tools through or specialized plumbing for attachment artificial heart-like devices. Because of the the 12mm Trocar’s highly specific application, the device requires a very sharp blade to minimize damage at the incision.

In order to minimize incision damage, the body of the device is machined from billet, creating a 1mm thin walled stainless steel tube-like component.

Supporting handles are comprised of medical grade 316L stainless steel and the palm grip is made from medical grade plastic called acetel (POM- polyoxymethylene). These handles and grips are manufactured with specialized lathes, mills, and grinder, perfect for producing the required features.

The cutting edges of the 12mm Trocar medical device are made with a knife blade grade of stainless steel, similar to 440A, and the edges all undergo specialized heat treat to increase strength. Cleaning is done with a specialized etching process called “passivation” which removes surface iron, preventing surface oxidation.

Once completed, each device is identified with customers laser markings. The finished instrument measures 165mm in length, with an inner punch diameter of 12mm, and an outer diameter of 14mm.

The next step is laser marking, cleaning, assembly, packaging, and sterilization.

Each component goes through rigorous visual and dimensional inspections using gauges, micrometers, and a coordinate measuring device, in addition to assembly testing.

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