‘Polestar Precept’ is Lighting the Way for the Future of the Swedish Brand

By: | March 5th, 2020

Image by: Polestar

Polestar has presented the “Precept” at the Geneva Motor Show, and it’s a direction-defining machine that answers all the questions about the marque’s next steps.

So far, Polestar cars looked like over-designed, over-luxurious, overly exquisite Volvos. The Precept is breaking the mold and is lighting the way forward into a future that’s electric, and sustainable.

Contrary to its competitors that exhaust their whole “green tech” approach to being powered by batteries, the Precept features very few amounts of plastic, extensive use of recycled materials inside, and limited the use of decorative metals.

Precept looks sleek almost clinical, and in terms of design, it is certainly refreshing. Even the LiDAR pod that was placed above the windshield to support driving assistance systems features a non-obtrusive waterdrop shape.

Inside, there’s a next-gen infotainment system based on Android, running on a comfortable 15-inch screen. It can sense when your finger approaches to serve large virtual knobs and buttons to control everything in the car. Finally, the Precept can track the driver’s eyes and detect when they’re wandering off, taking precautionary action such as reducing the vehicle speed and displaying a warning.

Whether or not the Precept will go head to head with the Tesla Model S hasn’t been clarified. It may be just a concept to declare where Polestar will move in the next couple of years, or it may be their next big thing. With creations like the Precept, it surely looks like Polestar will have a bright future no matter what.

Bill Toulas

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