The Polaris DAGOR Is a Dream Come True For Members of the US Special Forces!

By: | November 3rd, 2014

The Polaris DAGOR is a beast of a vehicle, designed for the United States Special Forces and built for offroading thanks to a partnership with Roush Industries.

The DAGOR was developed to fit the specifications of the U.S. Armed Forces’ new Ultra Light Combat Vehicle class and is capable of transporting nine people at once, four in the front, four in the back, and a roof gunner.

While it weighs 4,500 pounds, the Polaris DAGOR can easily fit into military choppers and features a range of 500 miles.

Not to mention, the DAGOR can haul upwards of 3,250 pounds across all types of terrain thanks to Fox off-road shocks.

The DAGOR is ready for production but is not available to the public. Its hefty price tag of $149,000 per truck would probably deter civilians from purchasing one but nonetheless the United State’s Special Forces teams will be the only ones getting deliveries of the very first units scheduled for this Fall.

Polaris declined to comment on what DAGOR means but did confirm it is not an acronym.


Marshall Smith

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