The Pogojet is an Experimental Less-Than-Lethal Weapon That Utilizes Variable-Velocity

By: | January 11th, 2016

Guns, and more specifically, gun control, have been popular topics in the United States recently, with supporters voicing their opinions on both sides of the argument.

Regardless of where you stand, we can all agree that less-than-lethal weapon systems are intriguing, seeing as how they can utilize variable-velocity in order to literally not kill anything.

At least, that’s the hope.

Pogojet is an experimental less-than-lethal weapon capable of changing its velocity based on how far it has to travel to reach its target.

The bullet, which not only can change its velocity, is too slow to kill, yet too big to have any real significant accuracy.

If it sounds like an odd idea, well that’s because it kind of is, but there is definitely a need for a replacement to beanbag rounds and rubber bullets that aren’t meant to be fatal yet sometimes still are.

The Pogojet is specifically designed to be less deadly at short range thanks to its unique propulsion system.

In the Pogojet, the initial explosion pushes a piston out of the back of the bullet, propelling it forward and ultimately venting gas from jets on the back of the bullet or out of the side if no extra kick is needed.

The .50 caliber projectile arrives at its target at around 200mph, up to one hundred meters.

Inventor Jeffrey Widder says the end result is an impact that feels similar to that of a ‘bee sting,’ much better than what you’d feel from a regular gun.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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