Plastic Bottle Cutter Invention Turns Empty Bottles Into Extremely Strong Plastic Rope

By: | March 8th, 2016

A Kickstarter campaign has really taken off recently, which encompasses a simple product that transforms empty plastic bottles into durable and strong plastic rope rather quickly.

Essentially, the Plastic Bottle Cutter is just a cutting tool, which after removing the bottom of an empty bottle, can shred the rest of the plastic into long skinny strands of plastic rope.

All it takes is a $20 donation to the campaign to pre-order the Plast Bottle Cutter tool, and the campaign has already easily shattered its initial goal.

While the Plastic Bottle Cutter is a neat concept, it will be interesting to see if lawsuits arise due to cuts using the product.

Those bottles can absolutely tear up your hands!

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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