Otto Dieffenbach’s Flying Eyeball Could Represent the Future of Drone Spying

By: | August 27th, 2015

YouTube’s resident crazy drone builder, Otto Dieffenbach, is back in action with a flying eyeball he built for New Eyes.

While the flying eyeball is meant to promote a company, to me it represents a more ominous sign of the increased amount of drones we are sure to see patrolling the skies in the near future.

With the military upping their drone production over the next few years, I see no reason why we won’t see more and more drone spying going on in society moving forward.

The good thing about the flying eyeball is the fact that it’s pretty hard to miss and if you have a dart or compound bow, you could take it down from the comfort of your own home.

I’d probably subscribe to using a gun on this contraption if I ever found it hovering above my property, but to each his own.

Here’s to minimizing the amount of flying eyeballs we see in the skies in the future, but unfortunately it’seems inevitable.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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