Orlando-Based Legacy Data Intelligence Launches OneVue Data Analysis Software

By: | September 21st, 2016


Legacy Data Intelligence (LDI), a developer of time-based data analysis software for industrial markets, has released to market its OneVue visual analytics solution—a software solution that offers enhanced measurement and graphical depiction of data in increments of fractions of a second.

Originally developed to support decision-making in power engineering critical asset dynamics, OneVue’s applications extend to other industries where complex data sets are tracked for immediate review when time is of the essence.

Many industries depend on complex industrial equipment for which engineering or technical staff must monitor multiple streams of historian-type data feeds that must be analyzed to narrow down errors or mishaps and pinpoint them in a definite period of time.

With OneVue, data can be visualized quickly, allowing the user to zoom into data depicted in a graphical interface that measures in fraction-of-a-second increments for deep analysis—well beyond the capabilities of traditional spreadsheet software.

When you generate a graph in a product like Excel, the resulting depiction is typically a static view—but the biggest appeal of OneVue is its ability to navigate “time” as well as a vertical scale by zooming and panning similarly to how you would do on an online map.

Ron Walker, President of LDI, states that “viewing your data in OneVue is more like holding the object in your hand, where you can rotate it and peel away its layers—in the latter case, you’re more likely to discover something you didn’t know you were looking for or that existed.”



An added element of functionality for OneVue is its ability to navigate through hundreds of signals or data points by turning them On or Off individually or by group, a feature that is particularly useful when tracking complex industrial or business data.

Industrial staff is often tasked with determining what has gone wrong or what caused a glitch in their operation. OneVue can quickly pull data and produce decision-triggering information when time is of the essence.

“OneVue offers exceptional business insight by using an Excel data file produced by machine-collected data applications, allowing the user to pull and plot several thousand data points produced by devices or sensors,” said Ron Walker. “With an accuracy of up to a fraction of a second, you can see exactly where a change or critical event has happened.”

OneVue was not created to replace a dashboard currently available in the market—it is a management tool that fills a completely different need. Walker adds: “Dashboards often track data conforming to an established format, but do not perform analysis you can act on.”

In releasing to the market, Legacy Data Intelligence is actively supporting companies that manage complex and large data so that they may make better-informed business decisions using OneVue as a powerful business analysis tool.

Marshall Smith

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