We’re Not Alone: NASA Releases Evidence of Radio Signals, Images from Wolf 1061c

By: | April 1st, 2016

NASA’s Kepler team, the SETI Institute, Melbourne Astronomers and President Obama’s top science advisor, John Holdren, have just announced communications with life on Earth’s closets habitable planet, Wolf 1061c, also known as GJ 628. Intelligible artificial signals that could only have been created by intelligent life are now being received daily at radio telescopes around the world.

Distance to Earth’s New “Neighbor”

According to NASA the signals are being deciphered by data experts from NASA, SETI, MIT and other scientific organizations who have independently verified the findings. Because the planet is 13.8 light years from Earth, the first communications received were originally transmitted from Wolf 1061c’s in 2002.

The following image shows notes and the first detected signals.

The following image shows Wolf 1061c in the “habitable zone” in the Wolf 1061 constellation.

Wolf 1061c circles a sun about the same size as Earth’s with luminosity about 0.79% of our sun. According to NASA, signals were originally detected last year by Kepler and confirmed using the Ohio Radio Telescope, Allen Telescope Array and the Brevard Astronomical Observatory in Melbourne.

The First Satellite Image Transmitted from Wolf 1061c

The following spectacular image was transmitted to NASA from Wolf 1061c beginning on March 14, 2016 and was likely created by a satellite circling the planet.

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