Nissan Utilized Its Autonomous Technology In Order to Develop Self-Driving Chairs

By: | October 2nd, 2016


As if self-driving cars weren’t enough, Nissan is already working on self-driving chairs.

Utilizing what the company has learned throughout its development of an autonomous car, Nissan’s self-driving chair prototypes are the ultimate machine for lazy people.


Imagine going to the DMV, sitting down, and then never having to move because your chair just rolls your forward in line little by little.

It appears as a society we are doing everything imaginable to make sure folks can keep their eyes glued to their smartphones at all times which is pretty sad when you think about it.

While this is probably more of a marketing ploy for Nissan’s autonomous vehicles, the self-driving chairs are definitely practical for helping people who may have limited mobility or simply the elderly who have trouble moving around.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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