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Alibaba and Ford Create a Car Vending Machine

The “Super Test-Drive Center” is a new initiative from Alibaba and Ford that allows free three-day test drives for people with credit scores of 700 or better utilizing the Tmall app. Located in Guangzhou, China, the car vending machine gives users the ability to select a model, put down a deposit, take a selfie, and […]

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Robot Mimics Flic-Flac Spider, Somersaults Like Crazy
This Bench Absorbs More Air Pollution than a Small Forest
Russia and Eastern Europe Blanketed with Orange Snow
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Gene Editing Technique Changes Single Letters of DNA Code

Gene editing can bring about results that seem like miracles. It can help to fix the genetic faults that lead to disease, can permit changing the activity of specific genes, and can destroy disease-causing microbes. It can even improve the nutrition of the foods we eat. Now, the technology has taken another step forward. Researchers […]

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Water Purifier Can Clean Water from the Dead Sea
Hair Loss? Stem Cell Therapy Brings Hope
Why the Newer Boeing 737 Engines Are Flat at the Bottom
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