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Japan’s Street-Legal Hypercar Went 0-60 in 1.9 Seconds

Japan’s Aspark Owl has done the unthinkable in going from 0 to 60 in under two seconds as a street-legal hypercar. To be specific, it was 1.921 seconds. This was the car’s first major accomplishment since being launched at the Frankfurt Auto Show last year. The car utilized a set of Hoosier racing tires in […]

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Trademark Filing by Samsung Hints Smart Glasses May Be on the Horizon
Quantum Tunneling: Producing Electricity from Earth’s Heat
A Hidden Marine Ecosystem Trapped Under Antarctic Ice for 120,000 Years
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Scientists Create Super Wood Strong as Steel

Metals like steel may be strong, but they have a significant impact on the global environment. Scientists at the University of Maryland have developed a new type of super wood that could be a cheaper, lighter, less expensive, and renewable alternative substitute for steel. This wood is 12 times stronger than natural wood. It has […]

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Range Rover Sport PHEV Climbs 999-Step Staircase to Heaven’s Gate
A Simple Blue Dye Can Treat Malaria Patients
AI Merger with Smartphones: Trojan Horse for Brain Interfaces?
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