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Zapata Ezfly: The Aerial Segway Anyone Can Fly

For the past several years, inventors have been coming up with some incredible flying car designs. But the search for a viable flying car — one that doesn’t look too silly — is still on. Meanwhile, French inventor Franky Zapata has revealed a “Segway of the sky” — the Zapata Ezfly hoverboard. Zapata amazed the […]

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“Smart” Japanese Hotel Offers Guests Self-Parking Slippers
21st Century Smart Cities to Run on Data & Open Operating Systems
Dell Turns Recycled E-Waste Gold into Incredible Jewelry
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World’s Largest Underwater Cave May Hold Mayan Secrets

After 10 months of intensive work, the underwater exploration group of the Great Maya Aquifer Project (GAM) recently discovered the world’s largest known underwater cave — it measures 215 miles (347 kilometers) in length. The exploration group is a part of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) based in Mexico City. The cave is made […]

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EU Declares Its Strategy to Eliminate Single-Use Plastics
Your Sandwich Is Killing the Environment!
Did You Have Any Idea an Energizer Smartphone Exists?
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